Jobs Expo Dublin – A Busy Event!


I attended Jobs Expo on Saturday at Croke Park.  I was one of several career coaches on the panel at The Career Clinic.   I spoke to around fifty people about various career matters. It was a fascinating and enjoyable day.

I also gave a talk at the Seminar Zone entitled ‘Six Steps to a Successful Career Transition.’

For those of you who missed it, here is a brief summary.   Before you do anything else, ask yourself Why? Why are you changing career at this time? (obviously assuming it is out of choice)  Do you have the resources and the support to change career now? Are you changing career for the right reasons?  Give it due consideration. Once you have answered that question to your satisfaction we can move on to the six steps.

  1.  Take an Inventory of where you currently fit in the market.   

What are your unique skills?

Educate yourself about the industry you wish to work in, if you are changing.  Read the latest online articles, subscribe to the trade magazines, find out who the latest innovators are in the field.

Ensure you have the time and resources to upskill if necessary.

2.  Identify your Transferable Skills.   I group these into Physical, Information, Interpersonal, Creative, Managerial and Administrative.  Which of your unique skills are applicable to your career change? Find out.

3. What is your ideal work environment?  Not just the physical environment, but the work culture, the size of the organization, the workload, the targets etc.  Make sure it’s a good fit with your values.

4. What is your attitude to a career change?  Look at the ABC, Attitude, Behaviour and Commitment.  Do you have the right attitude? Are you being proactive or reactive?  Are you fully committed?

5. Get help!  Use journalling to help you clarify your thoughts.  Talk to those who can help you.  Learn how and where you can network.  Look after your health.  Changing careers can be a long and sometimes arduous process, you need to ensure you have support and stamina.

6. Now that you have gathered all the relevant information – Set weekly or monthly SMART goals – Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound.   Use these goals to ensure you stay on track with your career change.

These are some brief points from my seminar that I hope maybe of some help to you if you are in the process of changing career.   Please get in touch if I can be of any further help.


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