Exploring your Creativity

Creativity can be a loaded word depending on how you think about it.  Some perceive it with a certain amount of pressure, as in ‘are you creative?’  They don’t know or don’t feel it.   Many people have told me they are not creative, or worry, because they don’t know how to be.

I believe we are all creative by default.  It is just how we use our creativity that makes us unique.

Whether you work in IT or in the Arts, it is good to stretch your creative muscles now and again.

I have been struggling a touch with my creativity lately.  My own personal issue is that I have a tendency to stifle my creativity.  I over analyse and thus, by the time I have written something, any intuitive creativity that may have been lurking has long been extinguished.

So for example -this very post.  Usually I would write a post, think about it, leave it and come back to it and then edit the heck out of it.  Sensible – yes.  Creative?  Hmmm?

So today, I am spilling this out of me as it falls, and I am going to be a rebel and NOT edit it or re-write it (apologies in advance!)  Perhaps in a couple of weeks I will read it again and be horrified, but heck I am practicing being more creative today.

I think the key to becoming more creative is to lighten up.  Let the juices flow, ENJOY IT!

That’s something I reckon we could all do with more of.

So whatever you are tackling today – let your creative spirit soar.  You never know what might flow!

If you are seeking to become more creative, two books I can highly recommend and which I am planning to re-read, are ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Brilliant on overcoming the fear of being creative (or not as the case may be) and ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron.

Happy Christmas to you all.