The Importance of Perseverance

Have you ever felt like chucking it all in?  Who hasn’t?

With the ever increasing changes in technology, we have become a nation who can’t concentrate for longer than it takes to glance at Twitter or Facebook.  We want instant gratification.   For the most part we can get it from Social Media or Netflix.  So after a hard week’s work we binge on Netflix and feel worse for it.

Everything of value takes patience, time and perseverance.   My father taught me the value of perseverance.  He used to say ‘get what you like or you learn to like what you get!’

Recently I have been struggling big time with a novel I am working on.  It isn’t right, it isn’t good enough and I am finding it hard to stay motivated.  But you know what – I love writing, and if I ever want to be a successful author, I am going to have to persevere – and I will.

I am learning.  I have a lot to learn, so I need patience, determination and will power.  But will it be worth it.   Definitely.

So if you feel like giving up, ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing?  Do you love it more than anything?  Do you want it more than anything?  If so, DON’T give up.  We all need something to feel passionate about in our lives, and sometimes our passions are hard work!

If they’re not for you and it all comes easily to you, and you sail through life, then bully for you.  For most of us we have to dedicate time and effort.

I was driving home the other day and the song ‘Don’t Give Up’ by Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel came on the radio.  What a great song!  As I sang along (badly!!) I realized that I had to be patient with my writing and keep going.  It doesn’t come naturally to me, but by the law of cause and effect, I will improve.

I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavours.  If you would like a career coach to help keep you on track or keep you motivated, give me a call for a chat on 0857272135.