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Exhausted by the multitude of  self improvement techniques, books and online articles,  not to mention conflicting advice?  I don’t blame you.  Sometimes,  for fear of overwhelm it can be easier to just ignore it.

Fortunately I have spent a good deal of time sorting the wheat from the chaff.

I have managed to narrow down my online ‘self-improvement reading’ to a couple of valuable sites.   I would like to recommend such a site to you today, along with a particular article that I found very useful.    The site is The Mission at  

This site is full of creative people writing about all sorts of subjects guaranteed to not only fire up the grey matter, but more importantly, they provide practical tools, help and suggestions for different areas of your life and work.   Their articles are well written and interesting.

I subscribe to their newsletter and I always read the weekly digest in detail.  It is rare that I come away without some small nugget of wisdom.

I was recently enlightened by an article called:

This article shows why we procrastinate and self sabotage and what we can do to change that habit.  Making it more fun is definitely something I like the sound of.

I even have an example of how it worked for me.  See how good I am to you!

Following a period of not such great health (due to my Hashimoto’s disease) I realized that the only way I was going to heal was to change my eating habits, and to do what all the autoimmune experts say – give up the grains and sugar and eat mainly Paleo.   I hated this idea, but I was fed up feeling tired, sick etc etc.   After reading the above article, I thought, well I can’t make THAT fun.  But what if I could?

So I started to explore sweet recipes that contained no sugar and that were healthy.   Yep, you guessed it – there are LOADS of them out there.   I have been having great fun making cacao and almond protein balls (which are SO yummy I don’t miss chocolate at all – seriously) and making all kinds of healthy foods.   I feel great and I am enjoying experimenting with new foods – who knew?!   So there you go.  Read the article, ditch the procrastination and make life as enjoyable as you can.  Anything worthwhile takes a little effort – but the real secret is – it’s worth it!


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