Invest in Yourself. Saying no to something, means saying yes to something else.

I have been giving a lot of thought lately to the direction of my life.  Being self employed means I am rowing my own boat which I love, but it’s more than a little financially precarious at times.   I know exactly what I want to do with my life (write) and if money were no object then I would spend all day every day doing just that (and reading of course!)

However, as we all know, the practicalities of life can often mean our dreams are put on the back burner, or in some cases consigned to the rubbish bin.   But why should they be?

I am here to tell you to invest in those dreams, for they are what makes life worth living.  The drudgery of daily life can really wear you down, but if you can lose yourself completely doing something you love that brings you fulfillment, why wouldn’t you?

Don’t let life pass you by while you spend hours looking at Facebook or Twitter, or zoning out watching Netflix.  What will you have to show for your life?

Instead I suggest writing down a one year plan and a five year plan.  Write down what you want to have achieved this time in a year, and then do another one for this time in five years.  On a separate page write down how you intend to achieve that.  Seal the envelopes with your one year and five year plans on them and make a note somewhere of the date you are to open them.  You will be amazed when you see how quickly that time has passed.

When you open the one year plan and perhaps you see the things that you didn’t do, it is a fantastic wake up call.  It motivates you to focus and re-align your purpose.

Some people prefer vision boards, or keeping a diary.  It doesn’t matter.  What’s important is that you hold yourself accountable.

I have a client who sees me regularly for coaching.  I really admire this person.  Why?  Because she has a life plan and she invests in herself regularly to ensure her life plan comes to fruition.  She uses me as her accountability measure.  At each coaching session she is able to revisit her plan and see if she is sticking to it.  It is never set in stone.  There is no failure.  There is just improvement or changing strategy to get a different result.  I have so loved seeing her breakthroughs, her perseverance, and her life plan taking shape.   We all need someone to hold us accountable – even if we do it for ourselves.  Don’t you deserve to invest in yourself?

I say YES YOU DO!   

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Colin Powell

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