The benefits of developing a coaching culture in your organization.

I recently had an interesting conversation with a guy who is the head of training for a large organization.  He was talking about how more companies are recognizing the need to cultivate a coaching and mentoring philosophy in their companies.

I was delighted to hear this, as it is something that has long since baffled me.  Why do certain companies not appear to recognize the benefits of ongoing or follow-up coaching?

So I got to thinking about the many benefits of ongoing coaching; whether you are an SME, a business start-up, or a well-established corporation.

  • A one-day training course is all well and good, but follow through provided by a trusted coach is even better. The results of many studies speak for themselves.  It engages and motivates staff.
  • Coaching and mentoring help leaders develop their EQ which has again been proven to improve the bottom line, not to mention staff morale.
  • Paying for training is worthless if results are not followed up on. A month’s follow up with coaching not only enhances the original training session, but adds increased value.
  • Coaching and mentoring in an organization lead to increased self-awareness, improved motivation, and added social engagement. Three of the tenets of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Managers benefit enormously from coaching, as it leads to an increase in their awareness of how they are perceived by those they manage, and they can consequently work to improve on this if necessary.
  • Looking at the ‘vision’ or bigger picture of the company can be achieved through developing a coaching philosophy in your organization.

I could go on and on, but there are just a few obvious reasons why, if your organization does not invest in coaching, it should seriously consider doing so and pronto.

The sense of achievement and satisfaction I get from coaching clients, come from breakthrough moments of clarity, either during a group session, or when a client has a light bulb moment during a period of reflection.   These moments are gold dust for all concerned.

Equilibria Coaching runs bespoke workshops for companies.  I also provide a one month follow up (around the topic run during the workshop) of coaching and mentoring to further develop, absorb and use the skills learnt during the one-day training.

For a no obligation quote and for further details, please contact Justine on 0857272135.

P.S.  My inspiration piece today is from Tony Robbins and part of an interview he gave to Business Insider Magazine:

Robbins: OK. So, most people are intermediate their whole life.

What happens is, they go, they learn a little bit, and then one day they think they’re on a blue and it’s a double black diamond. And they’re like, “Holy shit, I’m going to die.” And it looks like you’re going to go off the cliff. And those moments are threshold-to-control moments.

What I mean by that is, you’re going, like, out of control, you know you literally can die, you could go over the edge, and so you have two choices: Focus like crazy on what you want and carve, find the way to carve, or focus on what you’re afraid of. And then if you do that, all you’re going to do is slam yourself on the ground and try to hang on for dear life. Well, most people do the latter, so they’re terminally intermediate. They never become a master at anything. The people who become the masters are the ones that the fear is there, and it’s uncontrollable fear. Courage isn’t that you’re not afraid; it’s you’re scared shitless but you decide that you’re going to focus on what you’re here to do versus on what you fear and you push yourself. Once you figure out how to do that first carve and then another, another, then all of a sudden, the black diamond is your bitch. You’re no longer afraid of that. And you become a masterful skier or snowboarder or whatever it is. And when you learn how to overcome those instead of collapsing. I think that is the single most important thing.’    Tony Robbins.