What does your Business EQ say about you?

As you may have gathered by now (if you follow me at all online), I am extremely passionate about Emotional Intelligence and how it can help, not just those in business, but in all walks of life.

Having studied Emotional Intelligence for many years, when I discovered EBW Global and became a facilitator of their Business EQ Psychometric testing and leadership programmes, it provided me with the added bonus of having a professional set of tools to work with, as well as extra knowledge in Business EI and leadership development.

So, what does your Business EQ (emotional quotient) say about you?

Business EQ is the ability to understand how emotions affect behaviour at work and do something with that information.

How self-aware would you say you are on a scale of 1-10?  Be honest now!

What about your levels of motivation or adaptability or influence?  These are all areas that can be improved by developing yourself in each of the eight areas below:

Decisiveness, Motivation, Influence, Adaptability, Empathy, Conscientiousness, Stress Resilience and Self-Awareness.

The beauty of working with the EBW system is that by pinpointing the areas of strength and weakness through the EBW psychometric assessment, you reach a level of absolute clarity about the areas in which you need to develop.  This can be revelatory for business managers and leaders, and it can change their whole approach.   I have seen a senior business leader well up and tell me that in twenty years he had never realized how much a particular issue had been holding him back.  Voila – work on changing the behaviour = improvement.

To help you develop your Business EQ I offer the following:

  • The Boosting Performance Programme – A powerful and enjoyable 1-day training programme that boosts your business EQ by operating at a deeper level on the emotions and feelings that underpin behaviour. (contact me for a free brochure)
  • 10 Step Coaching Programme – Following the EBW assessment this coaching programme is a structured straightforward approach with clear links to leadership and performance to deliver measurable change both to the individual and the organization within three months.
  • Leadership Training Workshops – developing leadership potential with Daniel Goleman’s method of the Six Leadership styles and how your style may be affecting your organization, and more importantly how it can be developed.

The EBW Global EQ assessment and coaching programmes are used by some of the largest and most successful corporations in the world including:  M&S, Zurich International, L’Oreal, Ferrari and the list goes on!

For a free no obligation call to find out how I can help your organization, contact Justine on 0857272135. 



Higher EQ=Increased Success.

Why all leaders need to stop dismissing Emotional Intelligence as an unnecessary soft skill.

It’s incredible how often the people who dismiss a development or training tool out of hand are the ones who need it most.

Leaders and managers make constant excuses for why they don’t need to develop their EI, such as:

  • I’ve no time for that stuff
  • I’m too busy making important decisions
  • Sure, I’m already nice to my staff, isn’t that all it is?
  • What a load of ol cobblers (yes, really!!)

I’m delighted to say however, that these people are in the minority.  Many more managers and employees across the board are recognizing the need to increase their business emotional intelligence.

The reason why I partnered with EBW Global to deliver their training and coaching workshops is because they focus specifically on Business Emotional Intelligence.  Find out more at http://www.ebwglobal.com

So why is it so essential to develop your Emotional Intelligence?

Firstly, developing your Emotional Intelligence increases your self-awareness, so you know not only how your behaviours and emotions are impacting on your staff, but visa-versa.

This in turn improves your communication skills so you become better at gauging others’ reactions to your words.   Awareness of your employees’ emotions and behaviours will also mean you are one step ahead in solving a problem before it becomes serious, as in perhaps the case of a person suffering from extreme stress, burnout or anxiety.   I appreciate that we are all exceptionally busy (far too many running around like headless chickens!) but investing the time in developing this awareness will save untold hours of lost work in the future.

Whether we like it or not, emotions are inextricably linked with performance and productivity.  If leaders can harness and develop the positive emotions and behaviours of their team, they are going to be more successful.  Fact.

Emotionally intelligent leaders are adaptable, motivational and inspirational.  In short, a good leader who has the professional and knowledge skills turns into a great leader if he adds Emotional Intelligence to the mix.

The great news – Emotional Intelligence can be developed and we can all improve our EQ.

For further details on how I can help your organization with one day training programmes, coaching programmes and EQ assessments, please give me a no-obligation call on 0857272135.