Do you think you are self-aware? Hmmm? Really?

The Power of the EBW Psychometric Testing and Coaching System lies in its ability to develop your self-awareness.

During my training in executive coaching, we had to do an exercise that involved asking other people for feedback/insights about ourselves.  There were a series of questions for those who knew us best to complete.  It was painful!  However, the pain brought astonishing rewards, and to this day, some twelve years later, I refer back to those insights people had about me as a reminder of how much I learnt about myself.

How we see ourselves is rarely, if ever, how other people see us.  So, how are we expected to change/improve ourselves, if we have no self-awareness?

The answer is we can’t.  The first step to improving ourselves as people, as managers or leaders or colleagues is to work on our self-awareness.  The problem is, most people have no idea where to start.  

That’s where I can help.  The EBW (Emotions and Behaviours at Work) psychometric assessment and follow-up coaching system (entirely tailored, so you can do as much or as little as you like) is your first step to greater self-awareness. 

By learning how you rate on the 8 emotional behavioural clusters that predict success in the workplace, and more importantly, what strengths and weaknesses you have in each area and why, you can learn an enormous amount both about how you view yourself and how others view you.

The eight areas are:







Stress Resilience.

Imagine finding out a lot more about yourself in relation to those eight areas – sound useful?

It covers a lot of ground I can tell you.  I could have coaching sessions with someone on one area alone for several hours, if time was not such an issue.

Believe me when I tell you – I have seen managers and employees uncover fascinating insights about themselves after completing the EBW.    

The other advantages are, its simplicity – only 20 minutes maximum to complete, results are comprehensive and easy to understand, and to provide the cherry on the cake, there is the option of follow-up coaching to iron-out and work on the areas that require development.

It takes effort, commitment and will to improve your self-awareness, but the rewards are SO worth it.  The truly outstanding leaders of today understand that self-awareness is not a box to be ticked or a goal to be reached, but a lifetime journey of discovery. 

For further details and a no-obligation call to discover if the EBW system is the one for you, call Justine on 0857272135 or email

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