Why use the EBW System?


Before I tell you why I became a facilitator of this Business Emotional Intelligence system, firstly let me explain clearly what it is and who developed it.  From the EBW website:

“The EBW System was developed in 1997 by a team of Occupational Psychologists led by Dr Neil Scott (author of ‘This book has feelings’) to improve business performance.

The EBW Emotional Intelligence System for Business is a unique global assessment and development tool for Executive Coaches, HR experts and Psychologists.

Based on over 20 years of worldwide use and research, it enables you to get leaders and teams to understand why they behave the way they do and to use a highly effective coaching framework that improves their occupational performance.”

I set up my coaching business in 2008.  It took me several years to gain any momentum and since then, I have constantly worked on my professional development.   One of the areas I was always fascinated with was Emotional Intelligence.  Why?  Well, I saw what happened in companies when employees, and more particularly managers or leaders lacked EI.   Lack of self-awareness led to poor communication, arrogance, lack of empathy and a demotivated workforce.

I studied everything I could find on EI and recently came upon EBW.   Aha!  Here was a company that was specifically targeting EI to the workplace.  Following a long chat with their head Occupational Psychologist, I knew this was a quality outfit.   With a client list including M&S, Zurich, L’Oréal and many other prestigious firms, the EBW provides proven results in developing leaders’ Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

As well as a psychometric assessment with detailed feedback, the EBW has a 10-week coaching follow-up programme.  If 10 weeks sounds like too much of a commitment, this can also be distilled down into three two-hour sessions or tailored to suit the situation. 

It enables leaders to further develop their EQ strengths, work to identify their weak spots and improve these areas.  Overall this programme leads to more self-aware leaders and managers who become excellent at negotiating, encouraging, empathizing and motivating their staff and themselves.  

I have personally seen many executives reach a much deeper understanding about their own behaviours, and these revelations have been startling in some cases.  In order to change, leaders and managers must start with self-awareness and there is not one of us who hasn’t work to do in that area.

  To find out more about the EBW System, call me (Justine!) on 0857272135 where I would be delighted to explain the finer details and options available to help you get your company off to the right start in 2019.     

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