The Role of Self Reflection in Emotional Intelligence

I recently became a facilitator for LIFT Ireland, (Leading Ireland’s Future Together) an organisation that is developing leadership qualities in people, using an ingenious and effective model.   What attracted me to it primarily is that it gives all those who undertake the process a chance for self-reflection, once a week for 30-45 minutes, over 8 weeks. 

At the LIFT Ireland conference in May 2019

The participants get an opportunity to reflect on an area of leadership, and to take time out to think about themselves with no judgement and no pressure.

It is so firmly rooted in Emotional Intelligence that it was a no-brainer for me. As Daniel Goleman says: ‘self-awareness is the cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence.’

In order to exhibit traits of empathy, self-regulation, motivation and social skills, the more aware we are the happier and more productive we will be.

But here’s the rub – like anything it takes time and a little effort.  However, the rewards are well worth it.   Whenever I use EI as the basis for my coaching, I see greater improvements in my clients.  I now know this is because they are developing their self-awareness.   They are learning when they are hijacked by the part of the brain called the amygdala, where they may undergo a feeling of loss of control or severe stress.  They learn what their triggers are and how to deal with them.  They learn about their values and their beliefs.

Taking time out to reflect is so essential for all of us, whether we are managers, business owners or parents and yet and yet…..why are more of us not doing it?   Time.   We don’t feel we have the time or deserve to take the time.

Well in my opinion you don’t have the time not to do it.   We all have the power within us to develop our awareness and in so doing live a more inspiring productive life.

If you would like to develop your self-awareness, you could start with a psychometric test in EI.  This comes with a 90-minute feedback session with me.

For more information on all matters EI and if you would like to take the assessment, or if you would like more information on starting a LIFT Ireland group, please contact me at  or call me on 0857272135.

‘Be a river – not a reservoir.’   John C Maxwell.