‘It Does Matter.’ My Top Takeaways from the EQ Connects conference.

‘I’ve found my tribe.’ Never has an expression felt more apt than that one, following my attendance at EQ Connects 2019.

Being self employed can be a lonely business and there are times whether I wonder if other people get what I’m doing at all.  My ‘imposter-syndrome’ doubts include such thoughts as:

‘Do they get why Emotional Intelligence is so important, or think it’s just a self-indulgent interest?’

‘Do they understand how I can help them, or just think this is another ‘soft-skill?’ (aaaaargh!)

‘Have I explained Emotional Intelligence clearly enough and how it impacts on their self-awareness?’

Then I catch myself on when I see the great changes being made by people who have undertaken EI training (including some of my clients.)

However, my isolation and sense of doubt fully left me during the EQ Connects conference in Gateshead last Wednesday.

Speaker after speaker reinforced the practical, essential and transformational aspects of Emotional Intelligence.  These are people such as Martyn Newman of Roche Martin and Joshua Freedman of Six Seconds. 

I knew that I had found my tribe and that what I am doing matters. 

The biggest takeaways reinforced the importance of building Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, for all involved to experience higher productivity, satisfaction at work, self-confidence and even a more peaceful mind. 

Martyn Newman told us that in order to be at your best, you need to like and respect yourself, so that you can treat others with compassion and respect. 

I am truly grateful to Katherine Roff for her continuous encouragement for me to attend the conference.  I met some wonderful people and I will continue to promote Emotional Intelligence with the absolute certainty that it does matter and we are all worth it!