How Aquasource Products have helped me

I first started taking the range of Aquasource supplements in 1997. I found the company to be ethical and supportive with a product range that they clearly cared about.

Today I am still taking Aquasource supplements. I did have a few years when I didn’t take them, but like anything of value you keep returning to it.

Aquasource provide a range of products based on Klamath Lake Algae. Algae contains naturally high levels of Vitamin B6+12. It is also high in iron and is a superfood. As the company itself says: “Our Blue-Green Algae from Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon, USA is the most complete and bio available food on the planet from the cleanest, least polluted lake in the world. Unlike others who freeze their algae, we use a patented drying process to make sure we preserve and maximize the nutritional value of our algae.”

Aquasource is sold through distributors and I did sell it for a time in the late 90s early 2000s. I stopped selling it, not because I no longer believed in it, but because I moved on to other work. If you are serious about good nutrition and you would like to experience the health benefits of the range of amazing Aquasource products, you can view the full range of products here:

If you are a health care provider or you know any dieticians or nutritionists who may wish to add to their offering, please do forward on this email.

I am not actively selling these products, however with them being so good, I feel it is a shame not to share this information, as I am sure it could benefit many people! So maybe I am selling them now!

There is also a business opportunity and if you would like to find out more about that please click on the link below:

You can also drop me a line to if you have any questions about the products. Thanks and healthy happy living to you all!