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Equilibria Coaching, run by Justine McGrath provides a range of services including, Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and an ongoing coaching and mentoring service for SMEs.  Justine also provides Business Emotional Intelligence Psychometric Testing, with follow up coaching.  Justine is partnered with EBW Global (Emotions and Behaviours at work) and has seen incredible leadership transformation through the use of this system. 

Coaching is an interaction between client and coach, where the two work together to improve any aspect of the client’s life that he or she desires. However, you, as the client, always set the agenda during the coaching sessions. The coach is there to act as a facilitator and guide, to enable you to reach your full potential.  

Unlike Counselling, Coaching starts with the present moment and focuses on how best to help you move forward to achieving your life’s ambitions and vision for the future.

All of our sessions take place with full support and confidentiality. There will be challenges and accountability, and you may experience resistance at times. This is normal and in fact shows that the process is working successfully, as it is usually at these times that you are on the verge of making a major breakthrough.

Life is too short to be constantly experiencing stress, lack of time, or difficult relationships. These are just some of the issues that clients are able to work through and resolve when they invest in coaching.  Justine McGrath has extensive experience working with business executives, and professionals from a wide variety of industry sectors.  

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